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Updated: Jan 13

Lonnie Bray EL, Administrative Law Guide

Not everyone was able to access my “Blog #1” through the link to, so to make sure this one gets heard/read, I decided to write and speak.

This is Lonnie Bray EL, Administrative Law Guide, Host Of Lonnie’s Show, Headmaster of The Moorish American Institute,  Director of The Moorish Psychology Association, Author of The Book Of Moors and Moorish American Nationality Keys Of The Moorish American Institute.

This Blog, Blog #2, is titled, “Hide Behind Moors, or just say, Thank You”

The question of the day is: Why do you see my face publicly and not other Moors connected to MAI?

Some may say it’s because I present a decent image of Moorish Life, that when you see me, you see a man who’s lived a clean life. I’m healthy, tall, lean, muscular, full of skills, continue to learn, and I can engage intellectually absent of emotion.

Those are good reasons that may be true, but I tell you bluntly, you see my face, because I’m the one who’s unafraid. I’m not afraid to be proud of my culture and to use it to help People.

Also, I’m not afraid that all pale people are out to get me. Some pale people who are duty-bound to their own lodges and People to go against Moors have instead helped me with Moorish affairs. The so-called Enemy has been part of my inspiration for pushing onward for Moors.

Some Moor school’s foundational teachings, uh, including one I’m attached with, teach that some Moors are in pale skin. With that logic, if a pale person helps a Moor, it’s the spirit of a Moor in pale skin who’s helping and not just someone kind.

To that I say, Whatever, man, bite that if you want. But. I don’t have to go through all of that psychologically, hiding behind Moors and folklore, in order to say, Thank you. I can just say, Thank you. For example, To All Those who donated directly to me for this recent trip to Guadalajara, México, One-hundred percent of your donations enabled my trip, allowed me to interact with peers, who shared technical knowledge that enhanced my skills and allowed me to produce, so far, four short enhanced documentaries on Indigenous American History and Indigenous American Culture as related to Administrative Law and for all of that, I say, Thank you.

Now, I’m not afraid that people are out to get me. However, I was wise enough to keep “The Book Of Moors” out of site until completion, because trusted people stole draft sections from me and I never heard from ‘em again.

One I heard started a church. Some of my friends have learned things in “The Book Of Moors” about themselves, their own cultures, and lodges that they didn’t know, or didn’t want me, or others to know. Some of ‘em, I suspect, hide from me out of shame for hiding, because there’s no shame in origins, but there is shame in hiding.

I’m just simple writer doing my duty to present with honesty and integrity.“The Book Of Moors” will most likely change your life. If you want an advantage in Moorish History and Moorish Culture, I suggest you purchase “The Book Of Moors.”

Have you experienced people having trouble saying thank you? Why, do you think?

What Administrative Law Guide of your own do you recommend for those who hide behind Moors?

Here are links to the documentaries that I mentioned:

My following blogs will explore Moorish Psychology, share health tips, and discuss subject content within The Book Of Moors.

This is Lonnie Bray EL, Administrative Law Guide, signing out. Peace.

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