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This is Lonnie Bray EL, Administrative Law Guide, Host Of Lonnie’s Blog, Lonnie’s Show, Headmaster of The Moorish American Institute,  Director of The Moorish Psychology Association, Author of The Book Of Moors, Moorish American Nationality Keys Of The Moorish American Institute, and The Best Business Book, The Black White And Green Between What colleges don’t teach in 33 pages and Three Days.

This is Lonnie’s Blog #3, titled, “How to Lie and a Note on Hell”

Welcome to my blog and feel free to comment.

I suggest you to breath in a constant rhythm and move naturally as you read. How to lie is about control, focus, and believability. Why am I writing this? Several reasons. One, someone may want to protect someone, or some asset, or become a fiction writer, actor, or comedian and see what they can get away with.

Humor is an art that I honed mostly during Shaw High School days with the master, Anthony Bowie. Bowie was known as the End All of jokes. Those who engaged Anthony Bowie intellectually often found themselves victims of peer ridicule that seemed like forever laughter, I know. The primary danger of Bowie is he’s a Cancer, his Astrological Sign, which means he has the ability to look and see what others don’t. A Cancer comedian is like a gunslinger, fast and accurate.

What made high school tough for some was becoming the butt of Bowie’s jokes.

A Bowie-joke could socially and emotionally injure someone so bad, they’d sometimes look to me to stop Bowie, because Bowie knew Kongfu, so they couldn’t kick his ass, but Bowie was my best friend and Brother in the same Kongfu Temple. Bowie was cool as Hell and I was his number one fan. The best I could do for the teased was try to keep a straight face, so as not to encourage Bowie, but I always ended up busting out laughing.

I had no self-control, because I laughed in friend’s faces, Bowie had no self-control, because he was an Alpha-Bully-Asshole, and the teased had no self-control, because they became emotional from peer pressure, cried, and ran away. My little cousin, Todd, in junior-high school could withstand all kinds of verbal put-downs and laugh with it, so I had no sympathy for my peers who couldn’t. The point is, if you want to lie, you must be able to control your emotions and not allow the emotions, happy, angry, or otherwise, of others to control you. Remember to breath and keep your breathing steady, because breathing is the basis of self-control. Your steady breathing is the rhythm, on which you build your beat and song, even when that song is a lie.

Bowie’s jokes were non-personal and as Bowie may say,

“Meant only to create camaraderie among confederates. That means be friends, Boy. Listen to me when I’m talking to you. You’re making me look bad. Stand up straight. I’m in you’re house, you’re supposed to offer me something to drink. How you gone act? You s’possed to act right, boy.”

Strangers and close ones sometimes didn’t know how to take Bowie. He was usually joking, but sometimes socially navigating, or weeding his path with the psychological tool of humor in search of similar minds. Put simply, Bowie didn’t want to be around anyone who couldn’t take a joke. Was Bowie just joking, or manipulative?

Some of us couldn’t take the jokes. Some young men would experience the ache of peer joking, cry, and run away. I’d be crying and aching too. My stomach would be aching, because I’d be crying-laughing my ass off and threats from teachers made it hurt worse, made it so bad, sometimes, because Bowie would keep talking, the teachers would start thinking, look at who Bowie was talking about, then try not to laugh. I remember four who pretended they had business under the desk. They ducked their heads down, so they didn’t have to look some young man in the eye.

Some teachers were calm, professional and would just kick Bowie out and kick me out with him just for laughing the loudest. But twice a teacher was the only pillar a young man had, I’ll call him, John. John was protected by this teacher. If the teacher laughed, John was gonna loose it. You could just see it. John was fixated on the teacher, to see if he’d laugh. You could see it. The teacher laughed, I laughed louder, John, cried, stood, and ran out the door. I thought we were just funning with friends, but Bowie had weeded his path. Bowie was manipulative. Bowie chose friends for himself and for us, around him. In order to lie, you must be comfortable with manipulation and play it as a game. A lie is poker bluff. You keep a straight face. If you’re Bowie, you keep a straight face and see if someone really offers you something to drink, or eat.

We’re Bowie and those who laughed with him being mean?

Before you answer, know that what Bowie said to John is, “I’ll take you’re hair off, spray-paint ‘Welcome’ on it and throw it in front of my momma door.” Also know that light-skin Eugene Allen Bey laughed with everyone when Bowie looked Eugene up and down, smiled at his light brown, flat top hair, like a fes, and said, “Eugene Allen Bey look like half-done cornbread.”

When the jokes turned to Mims and Brian, their faces could remain absent of emotion, which is the hallmark of intellect. In the Black Serpent Kongfu School, Mims and Brian had learned to read others, meaning observe, remain calm, and keep a face, totally relaxed of facial muscular tension. Interestingly, the serpent is synonymous with both intellect and lying. Relaxed muscles tell no tales and may, therefore, lie.

How does one learn to relax?

Step 1: Learn to be in pain. Create pain for yourself. See what you can take. Then relaxing may take place in situations, which would not have been relaxing at all. You can; e.g., tap your bones with objects, run far and long, shock yourself, and go without sleep and in those conditions, remain calm, emotionless, expressionless. Test yourself on that. Get control of your breathing in a consistent rhythm. Then you are ready to lie, become a better actor, or what have you.

Truth is natural and flows effortless, so in response to not just questions, but body language, emotions and more, one’s face, spirit, words, and more want to respond with truth. Therefore, in order to lie, your spirit must change with the words. You must believe yourself. You must feel you’re own words and sentiments as you create them, as you imagine. The first person you must learn to lie to is yourself. For example, you say to yourself and mean it, Nothing anyone says will so much as make me raise an eyebrow. Pretend to be someone else. Pretend to react to something in a way opposite than what you would. Pretend to do something that you would not do. Know that imaging can be very therapeutic. As well, your mind can get a bit twisted from imagining, so prepare by just knowing that.

Step 2: Let go. Your primary function in argument is observation in order to gain information and comprehension. Observation requires no emotion, not even a facial muscle reaction, or breathing rhythm.

You want to be a good actor, or lier? I’m going to tell a story. Then you play an exercise. Look into the mirror and say one to yourself, which path you would chose. Then keep looking in the same mirror and convince yourself that you would do the opposite.

Outside your house is a bus that will take you to Hell. You have to go get on the bus, or you have to get butt-naked, slide down a razor-blade banister, and land, splash, in a pool of alcohol.  What do you do?

Now for real, Which is your path, the bus, or the banister?

Why am I asking this question in Lonnie’s Blog? Two reasons. One, like Bowie, I weed my path to like-minds.

You may not do so well by using the power of lying evilly, but if you tell the truth about your intentions, it’s a faster path in life, provided you don’t want to hurt others.

And two, I want to know who I can tell a story to and make ‘em get butt-naked. You thought I was gonna tell you some wise Moor thing, huh? Maybe I did. Did I tell you how to lie? One of these options, bus to Hell, or razor-blade banister, is a joke to you, a joke can be a lie, and you should be able to lie to yourself, if you’re going to convince others.

Also, consider this short note on Hell.

Hell, is officially, “Things of Hellen.” Hellen/Helen is a beautiful woman, over whom the Trojan War was fought between Paris and the Moor known as King Agamemnon of Ethiopia.

Now to some foundational Moorish teachings on Hell.

Hell is on the circumference of 360˚ of completion. In Kongfu, we say it does not matter where on the circle one begins as long as one completes the circle, because only then may one have learning. Here is learning: Hell is your head. What protects hands? Mitts. What protects heads? Hell-mitts, the mitts over heads.

The letter H is often silent, so HELL is ELL/EL.

Imagining is a Thing of Hell, according to the Christian Church, which also made EL, or thinking  and imagination, into HELL, or Things of Evil. How did I come to this conclusion? Simple. I’m a warrior and a Hellmitt is a thing of war. Feudal Traditions are a bit more in tact than others.

Am I lying, or am I, in fact, a Top-Rated Non-fiction Author? Hell is a subject in, “The Book Of Moors,” which rewires minds with Moorish Psychology.

The next Lonnie’s Blog, Blog #4, we’ll talk about Kongfu, the martial art, as my path to Moors. Till then drink water. Get in touch with your breathing.

Y’all check out that Turkey Gobble Video and this new one I’m about to show about Bird Love.

This is Lonnie Bray EL, Administrative Law Guide, signing out. Peace.

“The Book Of Moors” GET IT NOW

Administrative Law Guide, Knowing More for Top Quality Education and Human-Togetherness.

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