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My Story

Hi, All,


I’m Lonnie Bray EL, a simple Moor.  However, in Business, I’m billed as, Content Creator Intelligence Analyst, a quick-witted Strategic Thinker Life of the Party able to Persuade.  Skilled at creating technical and artistic media experiences for diverse audiences and marketing them utilizing SEO Analytics and strategy.

I write books on Moorish History and other topics related to Moors.  I freelance as a Film Producer and Intelligence Analyst.  I’m the Author of several books on Moorish American History and Moorish American Education.  I Host Lonnie’s Show, and Lonnie’s Blog, and serve The Moorish American Institute as Headmaster, Content Writer, and CEO.  I own the labels, Angel Touch Films, Bad, Bad Films, Super Bad, and Immortal.  I have an Associate Of Science degree from Cuyahoga Community College, a B.A. Of English Creative Writing, a Masters Of Digital Media Communications and a Master Of Fine Arts Of Writing. both from Lindenwood University.  I'm a United States Chess Expert and enjoy Bullet-Chess, faster than Speed-Chess.  Chess is my second loved skill.  I'm also a Sword Master, an ex-boxer, and a Kongfu Master, my first loved skill.  I also Golf, Swim, Kayak, Fish, Bike, Flat-race, write Poetry, drink Wine, enjoy a diverse pallet, and few other things.

As a youth, I wrestled psychologically and with elders about Moorish History, what do Moorish Americans teach, and Moorish Science Beliefs.  I learned Moorish American Education through socially navigating diverse groups. I role-played at home, school, forest areas, and rural areas among strange people and wild animals, and in tough neighborhoods, where I had to fist-fight.  I never started a fight.  I always felt compelled to fight to protect myself, my girl-friend, a friend, or a stranger.  I couldn't bare to see someone wronged and I had asthma, so I couldn't run away.  I feared being caught out of breath and beaten with rage from envy, jealousy, and hate, so with what little breath I had, I had to take my chances in the fight.  I meditated, learned to control my breathing, not get excited, and became really good at fighting.  At age 17, I was considered a Kongfu Expert.  I was awarded Kongfu Mastery at age 19, one month, and two days.


Fighting gave me a positive educational perspective.  I finally realized that since I was able to learn under pressure of darkness, pain, injury, and fear and survive, then in the comfort of well-lit, air-conditioned class-rooms, I could learn anything.  I settled in college and just decided on Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.  I switched to Linguistics before becoming a writer | filmmaker, which I did, because my good friend, Romeo Ramerez EL, B.S., B.A., died of a brain aneurysm on a train from Detroit to Cleveland.  I just kinda picked up and continued Romeo’s energy.  I only studied Psychology on a Ph. D level in order to become a better character writer, creative writer, and story-teller.  Inadvertently, I picked up the skills of Writing for Science, Law, and Intelligence Analysis.


I’m a businessman first, artist second, because the artist is only one, but business involves several.  Business first, I’ve spent my life with the focus of trying to make my skills amount to something meaningful, which, for me, is giving back significantly to community.​

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Moorish American Education

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