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What follows is my motivation for and, in effect, the synopsis and script for, “TOP 10 FACTS ABOUT ANGLO-SAXONS”  (link at the end).  You are receiving this first, because you are a Member of MAI, or “Lonnie’s Blog.”

Top 10 Facts About Anglo-Saxons

The Administrative Law Guide takes viewers on a quest for unknown European relationships, exploration of Culture, Religion, Nationality, and reasons to be proud.

“Top 10 Facts About Anglo-Saxons” is a historical movie and educational tool on the subjects of statelessness, Nationality, and one particular element of Nationality, Religion, along with measures of cultural practices, cultural ties, and mindsets.

So-called Black people may think describing Nationality is tough for them, however, it may be even tougher for so-called White people.

My motivations to do the project, “TOP 10 FACTS ABOUT ANGLO-SAXONS,” was in order to produce another genuine piece of history as an educational tool, which may help my People find their way.  “TOP 10 FACTS ABOUT ANGLO-SAXONS” is part of a Rite Of Passage.

As always, what you learn from me is yours to do with as you will.  I only ask that you do your best to be and to remain respectful of yourself and of others.




Me mum’s mum is English, from London.  Me mum is Irish, from Bray.  Some people swore death-oaths to conceal what I here now reveal and can, because I never took an oath to hide NOTHIN’.

Religion is an element of nationality, without which we have none; therefore, we respect our ancestors for our own dignity and identity.

#1    Anglo-Saxons are actually Anglo-Saxon-Vikings.

Anglo-Saxons are actually by Blood, Anglos, Saxons, and Vikings. However, in to dispute with Vikings and the Anglos who sided with them, Anglo-Saxons chose to separate into their Own Group; however, they weren’t, yet, called Anglo-Saxons.

Anglo-Saxon is a term coined and owned by the Anglo Church, that is, The Church Of England.  The reason is because Pope Clement VII refused to grant King Henry the 8th Of England a divorce from Catherine Of Aragon, so King Henry made up His own church, The Anglo Church, and made Himself GOD’s Representative on Earth, equal to JESUS and The Pope of The Original Church, The Catholic Church, The Church Of Rome.  Then the Anglo Church coined the term, Anglo-Saxon to mean a Christian of Anglo Blood and Saxon Blood, who swears to believe that the Crown of England is God’s Representative on Earth.  Therefore, non-English, non-followers of the Anglo Church are not Anglo-Saxons.

For examples, Peoples of Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Poland simply are not Anglo-Saxons, because they do not follow the Anglo Church.  Those countries are Catholic; therefore, under the Catholic Church and The Pope.

Peoples of Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and other Nations could be recognized as Anglo-Saxons, however, no, because in dispute against the Saxons and the Anglos who sided with them against the Vikings, they do not follow The Anglo-Church.  They follow The Lutheran Church and Martin Luther, the enemy of The Pope and The Catholic Church, and are described as Anglo-Vikings.

Peoples in Wales may be recognized as Anglo-Saxons.  After all, they are part of Great Britain and The Church of Wales is under the Anglo Church Communion;  however, they are described as Anglo-Celts.

Peoples in Scotland may also be recognized as Anglo-Saxon, but they do not follow the Anglican Church.  They are Calvinist Christians and follow John Calvin and the World Communion of Reformed Churches and they, like people in Wales, identify as Anglo-Celts.  The Welsh also identify as Strangers, which is what Wales means.

Peoples of Ireland say, “We are not Anglos and we’re not Saxons.  We’re Irish,” the Fighting Irish, known to battle successfully with mere club-like sticks, called Blackthorns, given to them by the Moors, against Anglo and Saxon invaders, armed with spears and axes.

#2     By Law United States citizens cannot be Anglo-Saxons.

United States citizens cannot be Anglo-Saxons, because the Anglo Church requires swearing loyalty to and believing in the Crown Of England as a demi-god and United States citizens must not give allegiance to foreign governments.  Therefore, in 1789, the Episcopal Church of the United States was born for United States citizens to associate with and take part in all of the Anglo Communion, meaning all Anglo Church believes and loyalties, except to England.  In all other respects, The Episcopal Church is the Anglo Church for United States citizens.  Today, the Episcopal Church is headed by the Moor, Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry.   One who wants to know how to be practice Anglo-Saxon culture without violating US Law may learn so from the Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry.

#3   Christianity is not part of Anglo, Saxon, or Viking Cultures

Anglos, Saxons, and Vikings were proud, feudal Peoples.  In fact, Anglo means Spear Tribe and Saxon means Ax Tribe.  Therefore, Ancestors would not likely be flattered by the term, Gentle, that is the Christian term, Gentile, as in Gentlemen.  Anglos, Saxons, and Vikings would likely be ashamed of their descendants today who relish in the terms gentle and gentile, because, in fact, there is nothing inherently gentle about Anglos, Saxons, or Vikings.

#4    Anglos and Saxons may not have lived in filthy cultures.

Anglos and Saxons may not have originally been perpetually disgusting, as Christian History paints them in art and with words.  Before we go any further, Christian History means presentations approved and produced by the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and the Ivy League, for example.  Christian History concerning Anglos, Saxons, and Vikings cannot be relied upon. Because Church Orders destroyed all histories and cultures of the Anglos, Saxons, and Vikings and killed most of them.  As a side note, not all European Peoples submitted to Christianity. For example, the Frisians, the Jutes, and the Hwicce.  For which, Christians exterminated the Frisians, the Jutes, and the Hwicce.  What is known about Anglos, Saxons, and Vikings prior to their Christianization, meaning Torture and Killing, is that they enjoyed cultures of revering women as gods. Some alive.  And they worshiped with eating, drinking, music, dancing, and sex.  Also, they had knowledge of Astrology, such as the triangle inside a circle, as seen in the Ruthwell Cross, one of the oldest Anglo crosses, for example.  While Anglo does mean Spear, it also means Angle, as in an astrological tool for a clock.  Lastly, Angles, Engles, Anglos, and English are all the same term and People.

#5    Anglo-Saxons demanded Christianity their way.

Anglo-Saxons demanded Christianity their way, in spite of all the killing.

As shown, the earliest Anglo-Saxon crosses featured astrological symbols. They were not crucifixes featuring crucified victims.

In spite of all the lives lost to Christians, Anglos and Saxons were so tough that they were still unwilling to fully accept Christianity unless Jesus could be related more like them, that is to fit in with their war ideologies.   Thus, the Anglo-Saxon Jesus was related as a war God who overcame Death.

Afterwards, Anglo-Saxon churches sprouted up with names of their lands, such as, for example, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Buckinghamshire, Warminster, and Axminster, the later two meaning Minister of War and Minister of the Ax.

#6   Battle Ax is a Saxon Term of Endearment.

Battle Ax is a Saxon term of endearment.  Saxon means Ax Tribe and Saxons saved lives with axes, farmed with axes, constructed homes, and hunted.  A Saxon’s ax is traditionally not just precious, but sacred, which is why Battle Ax is a Saxon man’s way of saying, Sweetheart and Darling.

#7    Anglos lived in wicks, shires, boroughs, and pales.

The traditional government and home structures of Anglo-Saxons are wicks, shires, boroughs, and pales, which Anglo-Saxons sometimes named Draca, which means, Dragon, and Thyrs, which means, Giant.  Classically, Wica is a country house, or farm, Wick is a village, town, or district, and a Beyliwick rules over a Wick (Black, Henry, Black’s Law Dictionary, second edition. St. Paul: West, 1910, 1227).  Bey is another title from Moors.  Shires are ruled over by knights, Boroughs are ruled over by Burgess, and pales are fenced in.  Conduct considered acceptable, or within Anglo Law is said to be, ‘Within the Pale.’  Conduct considered unacceptable, or against Anglo Law is considered, ‘Outside the Pale.’  Anything not of Moors is considered to, ‘Pale in comparison.’

#8    Neither Saxons nor Anglos ever had a King, or Queen.

The leader title of Anglos is EL, the Moorish title.  The EL title is also used as ÆL and Elf.

The Æ construct, as in Ælfred  (Elfred), for example, may sound like A, E, or both at the same time as in Ale, the beverage, or simply EL.  ÆL translates literally to EL, the Moor title.  The E A L construct, as in Ealhswith, wife of Ælfred, also translates to Elsworth and to EL.  Historically important male and female Anglo names are composed with EL.  For example, Æthel, Aethel, and Ethel are Old English names for Noble.  Æthelburh, Ælred, Æthelthryth, and Ælfheah are Anglo Saints.  Other important Anglo names are Elfron, Elswain, Elsburg, Elwin, Ælhmund, Ealhmund, Æthelhard, Æthelred, Æthelweard, Æthelwulf, Æthelflæd, Æthelburg, Ælfric and Elfric, the later two meaning, Ruling Elf.  ELs, Elfmen, and Elves are Anglo-Saxon leaders of tribal pirate offices and counsels.  All important Anglos mentioned above were ELs and Elves.  Ælfheah means High Elf.

In Christian Mythology, Elves are slim, spry, clean, highly-intelligent, advanced, and wealthy.  In German Mythology, Elves are demons.  In reality, Elves are big-bellied, grossly obese, gross-mannered, backwards, poor, illiterate, and live with a bodily filth comparable to animals, as history tells us.  But, but, but wait a minute. Who’s history?  That’s right. You guessed it. Christian History.  Anglos may have become filthy through Christian subjugation, yet, may not always have been.

#9    The Bloodline of the English Monarchy is populated with the blood of Royal Africans.

Queen Elizabeth II, the mother of King Charles III, the current English Monarch, claimed lineage to Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, Africa.  A few concrete facts about England’s connections with Africa and Moors are:

Queen Charlotte, Ancestor of King Charles III, was a Moor, an African, though she descends from the Portuguese Royal Family.  Another time on that one.  England’s National Dance is The Moorish Dance, a dance Anglo-recognized as one that Moors from Africa taught to the Anglos.  The words Brit and British are from The Royal Bruton Bey Moors, a Family described historically as both fantastically wealthy and horribly cruel Africans.  Bruton Bey Culture birthed the term, Brute.  Queen Elizabeth II was born at 17 Bruton Street.

Queen Elizabeth II’s maternal grandparents are the Strathmores.  As has been stated, Anglos had knowledge of Astrology, which comes from the dark people known as Moors.  Lions are traditional symbols of bravery, strength, and valor.  Lions adorn English Royal Regalia and Buckingham Palace.  Lions are old African Symbols, which Moors brought to England, as lions come from Africa, not England.  The lion is so important to the foundations of English Royalty, that the lion wears the Crown and stands over the Crown itself.  Even in the English Monarchy, there are no pure Anglo-Saxons.

#10     The Saxon Creed and The Saxon Code Of Betrayal

The Saxon Creed is A Man is not a man, unless he can take vengeance.  The Saxon Code Of Betrayal is: Betrayal is justified for revenge.  Religion is an element of nationality, without which we have none, so we respect our ancestors for our own dignity and identity.

In closing:

In Law, only people with Nationalities are recognized as Human and with a State.  All others are called, “Stateless People,” not, People.  Legally, the difference is like comparing Silver to German Silver.  Silver is actually Silver, whereas, German Silver is a trademarked substance full of cheaper metals, but no Silver at all.

According to the United States Of America Department of State, stateless people have no legal protection against; e.g., travel restrictions, social exclusion, physical violence, sexual violence, exploitation, forced displacement,  or Human-trafficking.

Those who fail to answer these three questions may be stateless.  What’s the true religion of your ancestors?  Who are your true kin. And, lastly, What’s your nationality?

A clue:  Neither Black, White, Asian, or Citizen are Nationalities.

To that end, the United States Of America and I, seek to Prevent statelessness by Creating awareness of statelessness, Identifying stateless populations, Eliminating discrimination in nationality laws and practice, and Building administrative capacity for civil registry.

The movie, “TOP 10 FACTS ABOUT ANGLO SAXONS,” may be viewed here for free:

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